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Migraine Deadaches Treatment


Almost everybody gets headache. Some types of headaches may happen only once in a while, whereas others can happen as often as every day. But a migraine is worse than a regular headache. According to estimation, 11 out of 100 people get migraine pain and 3 out of 4 migraine sufferers are women. Especially women are between the age of ... Read More »

Lower Blood Pressure With Vegetables


Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in the arteries as the heart pumps blood throughout the body. Recent studies have shown that high blood pressure is main cause of coronary diseases, strokes, etc. The medical term for high blood pressure is hypertension. Many physicians state that a combination of medication and lifestyle changes is the best treatment for ... Read More »

Common Misconceptions About Chocolate


Chocolate comes from beans harvested from the cocoa tree, native to Central America. Almost everybody likes chocolate a lot and thinks that it’s a great food for heath. Whereas, others believe that chocolate makes you fat, it’s not good for health…Many myths about chocolate are not always truths. Let’s find out the underlying facts of chocolate. Chocolate causes high blood ... Read More »

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