Tips On Working Overnight


For those who sometimes have to work overnight, do the following principles to be perspicacious at night but still be active during daytime.

What you need

  • Calcium supplement: According to the experts, is the time your body loses calcium at the highest level, especially when the brain has to work too much. Therefore, 1,000-1.500mg of calcium supplements before working overnight is necessary. Note that iron reduces the absorption of calcium so you should not eat dinner should not eat spinach, eggs, apples, seaweed and other foods high iron content.
  • Vitamin B: Vitamin B relates to metabolism, which is the main source of energy, helps brain cells work effectively and enhance memory. Your body needs 4 – 5 hours to absorb vitamin B so if you plan on working overnight night, take vitamin B supplements before 9 pm.
  • Facial mask: Sleep out of rule makes the skin lose moisture, especially in the contact with computers. Whether your brain still functions well, but the skin is in a state of drowsiness, the electron radiation can damage skin cells badly and cause pimples if you do not take measures to protect them. It’s advisable to apply facial mask at night to help protect your skin against these dangerous radiation.
  • Water: Ensure adequate supply of water for the body (at least 6-8 glasses of water per day)

And stay away from:

  • Coffee and tobacco: Limiting tobacco and coffee while working late at night, because the chemicals in these products are not beneficial to health. Caffeine might paralyze the nervous system and leads to endocrine disorders as well as fatigue, bad health. A study showed that if you drink a cup of pure black coffee after midnight, the blood pressure will gradually rises in the next 12 hours, in addition, the risk of cardiovascular diseases also increases several times.
  • Too much food for dinner, and also stay away from oily food, fried food because they easily cause indigestion, fatigue. Eat something spicy, it is just like pinching yourself, but with more burning.
  • Sitting for long periods. To not have unwanted consequences when sitting for long periods such as back pain, muscle pain…, choose a comfortable posture, avoid sitting in two consecutive hours. Stand up, do slight exercises or walk around or self-massage.
  • Cold shower: a cold shower might help improve your mood but at night, cold water will stimulate the reduction of the capillary, cause the heart difficult to beat.


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